I am a great fan of using Visualisation, Affirmation Bracelets. They can change your life – simply.

In fact, I make sure all my clients now have one. However, the key is, once activated, to use them every day.

Ask any successful person they will no doubt tell you the same thing. Visualisations, affirmations and gratitude are the keys to their success. They are habits of all successful individuals.

Below is a short description to visualisation, affirmation. Also, why having a bracelet is vitally important to stay on track.


This is the art of creating mental images for future happenings. In the NOW. Your brain is unable to understand the difference between reality and fiction. By visualising how you want your life to be as if it has already happened – you can create it.

Strengthening your imagination daily will allow you to ‘Dream your world alive.’ Aboriginal saying.


These are statements or propositions are said to be true. Again, it is a way of tricking the brain into thinking that it is already the reality.

The language you use for your affirmation will create your programming and beliefs. This, in turn, creates your consciousness. habits, actions and behaviours. Which in turn lead to success, fulfilment and happiness.

Simple System for Change


The success of any new habit is having a system. Which, allows you to simply incorporate it into your daily lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people fail. They do not have this vital step in place.

Without a system, you are bound to fail.

The bracelet becomes your system. Each bead allows you to chant the affirmation or visualisation. Numerous repetition allows you to sink the message subconsciously. Without great effort.

Visualisation, Affirmation Bracelets – Change your life simply

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