A Total Release Experience® Caroline Purvey talks natural stress relief. Everyone has a story related to stress or trauma; it is a modern-day epidemic. More so now, as the world battles to deal with Covid-19. Mental-health is out of control. We turn to others for help, for medication and intervention in the hope of finding a cure. Yet, did you know you can heal from the inside out? That you can naturally release the tension stored from your body?

There is a simple solution and you hold the magic key to heal. A powerful, empowering, simple practice without restrictions. Not of age, race, religion, beliefs, even physical abilities. Every human being holds the ultimate innate solution. To heal from their past and build resilience for their future. All you have to do is to let your body do the talking.

Caroline Purvey and Total Release Experience®

Caroline is the founder of TRE UK® and the creator of her unique 5 step programme the Total Release Experience®. She is a passionate, inspirational leader and well being, change-maker. Her recent book ‘Feel it to Heal it’ became an Amazon international bestseller overnight.

Every stressful or traumatic experience from birth builds tension in your muscle memory. It is not only your personal back story; genes hold onto three generations of stress, through the mother’s womb. Using the Psoas muscle, the TRE UK® process naturally releases what is held and undischarged. When you let go of the impact of past stress, overwhelm, trauma, the body heals. Physical, mental, and emotional problems will de-escalate. Stress is a silent killer – it does not need to be you.

I If you are interested in finding out more about TRE UK®, get in touch, and will happily tell you how this practice has changed my personal life. TRE UK® can support you or your community, you can find Caroline through the website TREUK.com.

You can find the full article I wrote about Caroline at eShe magazine or take a listen at our conversation here: