What are happiness habits?

In today’s modern world we are told that we need to constantly consume in order to create happiness. We know it’s a trap, yet many fail to get out. The want for more: money, gadgets, bigger homes and cars just keeps on increasing. Does all this ‘extra useless stuff’ really bring true happiness?

First of all what is happiness and what are habits?

From stress to success

What is happiness?

Happiness means something different to everyone. It is defined in the dictionary as an active or passive state of pleasure. Perhaps, it is easier to understand happiness when we talk of unhappiness.

In today’s modern society more and more people are suffering unhappiness in the form of – stress, burnout, anxiety and depression. The more we own, the more stress we seem to create and the more we stress the planet. Fact.

We know that we can never be happy all of the time. Life has it’s natural pattern of ups and downs, just like a heartbeat. If we didn’t we would be flatlined or dead. Yet, this natural pattern has been seriously distorted by consumerism and always striving for the next possession.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 13 globally suffers from anxiety. Depression is said to be the leading disability worldwide. No matter how much stuff we own we are certainly not happier.

Statistics also tell us that 1% of the world’s populations owns 50% the world’s wealth – 99%, never stand a chance of becoming rich, yet they are told to pursue this goal in order to create happiness. Go to school, pay for higher education, get a job, get a mortgage, stay on the hamster wheel of life until you die. The more we feed into the unequal wealth system the bigger wealth gap actually grows and the greater the debt trap becomes for those without.

Awareness allows you to notice the trends and traps and therefore avoid them. Making sure you habits are aligned with who you are and want to be is the key. See below.

Time Poor

Those that seek and gain riches often become poor in another way – time. Having your own business can eat up the hours. Workaholic CEO’s can quickly become stressed and burnt out. Time can never be replaced, once it is used it will never return. It is important to make sure all your time is being used to create happiness.

Life happiness becomes a delicate balance between pain and gain. As we move into the Technological Revolution, true-life mastery will need to evolve a new set of ideologies – now could be the time to start doing things radically different.

Instead of striving to reach goals that you are incapable of achieving or don’t want to achieve because they are some other person ideologies, take time to change your lifestyle and habits and instead create a life of ease, one that suits you. Make your life uncomplicated.

What are habits?

Habits are routine behaviours that are repeated regularly. Habits tend to occur subconsciously yet at the same time can be changed immediately. On the other hand, maintaining a new habit can be difficult.

Most people fail to change their habits permanently. Habits need a fixed system or framework, a step that is often overlooked. Compound actions, step-by-step, breath-by-breath, day-by-day are the best ways to alter habits.

It is important to remember that human beings are holistic in nature and ‘the whole picture’ needs constant reflection. Before deciding which area you want to tackle first, it must be relevant to all other living areas. For example, decluttering your home may feel like the first thing to tackle when in fact your mindset and the understanding of your finances may take precedence.

The key is not to change everything at once. To begin with one area of your life. Happiness habits are when you are confident with your new ways and ready to move onto the next.

Here’s a question for you…

What if you could live your life debt and stress-free without striving and grinding to ‘succeed financially’, would you be interested?

If you answered yes, read on.

In order to create sufficient abundance, comfort, flow and happiness in your life, you can make simple yet subtle changes in a holistic manner. Daily step-by-step, breath-by-breath happiness habits are the key to uncomplicate life. You deserve to be the best you can be. The world needs you right now – clear through the clutter, create your happiness habits. It is your choice.

Happiness habits are a choice.

Ten Happiness Habits

1. The Mindset Habit

Mindset is the main key to happiness. The mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination. Every person creates their reality. Thoughts lead to feelings which lead to actions, which lead to habits which lead to your reality. Taking note of what you do and think daily is the key to change.

De-clutter your mind on a daily basis in order to make sure you are keeping your mental habits on track. For example, if you live in a world of lack, you will create lack ‘I can’t’ means exactly that – you won’t. You have access to the infinite abundance of the universe and knowing how to tap into its creation will counteract lack.

Also, take time to find your reason for ‘why you are here’ is THE most important question you can ask. This is your life, work towards what makes you happy not what others tell you will.

‘0-thing’ is a concept that is also often overlooked – ‘Everything is nothing and nothing is everything.’ Getting to know yourself, is a fundamental happiness habit.

2. The Life List Habit

When you know your reason for being on the planet, you can create a life list of things you want to achieve. Some people create dream boards with these lists, others create a morning formula.

Whatever you prefer, once the big picture has been established, to achieve your highest potential, it must be broken down into smaller steps. Small steps are easier to take and do not feel as painful, they also allow you to focus in the right way. The focus is the key, when you are in tune with your message you will create exactly what you need, no more no less.

This one step is often overlooked in creating happiness habits yet it is crucial to success without stress.

3. The Less is More Habit

In order to create what you want in your life, you will actually need to eliminate something first.

For example, You can’t go backpacking around the world easily with a 20 kg suitcase – removing stuff until your pack weighs 7-8 kg will make the whole experience more amazing. I first downsized to 20 kg to spend a few years in Zanzibar and then decided to walk The Camino de Santiago in Spain. When I came back to Mallorca, I realised 20 kg was far too much!

Looking at your Life List, you will see that in order to achieve your goals you will have to eliminate other actions in order to create the necessary space for the new. Remember, the only way you can add to your life is by subtracting something else.

4. The Health and Wellness Habit

Without going into diets and fitness regimes – all that it is important to state here that if you fail to look after your body, you will have no-where to live. Fact.

Daily exercise is a habit that supports your body and helps it function well. Choose which exercise to do and then block off time to make sure you do it. I love to walk. Not having a car means that at the moment I have to walk every day. Not only does it keep my body active it gives me time to think.

Your body is you - fuel it well.

Just like a car, the fuel you give to your body will optimise its function – or not. Although we use food for social interaction it is important to make sure over a period of time a week/month/year, you have fed your body the right amount of nutrients (fuel) it needs to function optimally. Fact.

Taking time out from life, is a must many forget. Even if it is just a mini-me moment. Spending time in nature, doing ‘0-thing’ meditating/visualising the future you want to have all help you create the life you want to lead with flow and ease. Rest is a vital part of health and wellness. Fact.

A relaxed life becomes a permanent vacation.

5. The Time Saving Habit

We are aware that in this lifetime, time is our one limited resource. Whether you are rich or poor – we have just this lifetime on the planet. Often we waste our time, doing endless mindless actions. Whether it’s sitting in bed and watching TV, constantly checking a mobile phone, allowing work associates to barge in and stop the workflow. The list is endless.

Awareness is the first step to take back control of your precious time. Find ways to constantly improve the way you deal with wasting time.

Cognitive Psychologist George Miller states that in order to keep the short-term and long-term memory happy we can only cope with +/- 7 projects at any one time. Make it a habit to keep to the magical number 7 always.

6. The Wealth Habits

Hoping to win the lottery, X-Factor or Love Island are not included in wealth habits, nor is expecting to make millions by just putting out an intention. Money is an energy resource often misunderstood and often a taboo subject – make an effort to learn about your wealth.

Wealth happiness habits are knowing exactly where you are today and planning a strategy to change your habits in order to create a meaningful life without the stress of debt. Getting rid of debt is one of the most important keys to happiness.

Always know your numbers

Having a credit card and maxing it every month will never make you happy. Creating a Profit Plan, to encompass what you OWN and what you OWE is the key. When you have the proof, you can begin to add decisions to your Life List which will allow you to make money work for you.
What is your ‘enough’?

Check out Brandon’s story.

7. The Lifestyle Habits

This is a huge section yet a valuable one to spend time on and create your happiness habits. Ask yourself constantly ‘Is there another way? Is this right for me?’ For example…

  • Is being tied to a 45-year mortgage what I really want to do in my early 20’s
  • Do I really need a car?
  • What will I gain from travelling around the world or staying put?
  • Is giving objects as gifts, the best solution?
  • What would it feel like to own a basic wardrobe and donate the rest?
  • Is my environment helping or harming me?
  • Is my cluttered space cluttering my mind?
  • What alternatives are there buying the latest gadgets?

Add your own thoughts here. A list of 100 questions, will get your mind on your side!

8. The Modern Technology Habits

We have all watched it, we get on public transport, go out to a restaurant, even to the beach and you watch other people glued to their mobile screens. Any ping and the screen has to be checked and Emails must be answered immediately. Yet what is it truly costing you?

I once sat on the most pristine white beach in exotic Zanzibar, watching the sunset, enjoying a delicious Michelin style meal in wonderful company. A Japanese guest sat at the next table watching his screen constantly – what a waste!

The first is to become aware of the time you are wasting and use this information to create space by regularly ‘switching off’. Add to this a once a month de-cluttering of your computer. Delete old, files, emails and programs. Do the same with your mobile phone.

There is a tremendous amount of cyberspace weight sitting on your shoulders and holding you back. You may not be able to see it, yet it is a constant drain of the flow of energy and happiness.

9. The Habit of Good Relationships

Who you hang out with on a daily basis will affect your performance – fact. Negative family, friends, significant others and work colleagues will all influence your stress and happiness levels. If you cannot leave them behind, then at least spend as little time as possible with them.

Part of the issues many have with relationships is the lack of great communication – a habit that needs nurturing and practising daily. This will be one of the fundamental life skills as the world moves forward. Make sure people understand you and practice listening to them.

One aspect of the relationship code that many people fail to leverage is that of getting help from others, a mentor or coach, a mastermind group can help you harness the value of collective wisdom and create the life you want without having to learn the hard way.

Learn how to collaborate and help others the more you serve the more positive and meaningful your life will be.

THE most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, therefore Love thyself always. Never forget to be Sensibly Selfish.

Put the oxygen mask on first

10. Good Working Habits

Repetitions, systems, coaching, mentors, accountability and the right team to support you, will help you create better work happiness habits. It may sound left-brained and boring, yet it has worked for thousands of people over thousands of years and all are good habits to maintain even as life changes around you.

Constantly check that you are actually being productive rather than just busy, however, in order to know this, you will need to measure your output. This can be extremely important as a solopreneur or entrepreneur and consequently, just as equally important if you wish to prove your worth to your employees and keep your job as the technological revolution gains pace.

Prepare to look for the simple solutions to everything – always ask WHY? For example…Why…

  • Do I need to build an online funnel for my business?
  • Does is this have to be so complicated?
  • Do I spend so much time on facebook?
  • Is this so confusing?

The more you can use critical thinking and answer questions like those above the more valuable you will be to the future of the planet.


Data tells us that 95% of the world’s population does not have the capability or desire and drive to become millionaires. Living in the modern world is making people unwell and miserable, however, there is nothing to stop 95% of the world’s population changing their habits. Holistically creating ‘enough’ in their life will depend on their meaning of enough.

‘Enough’ to create happiness in life, is all about simplifying all aspects and eliminating complexity. Having life clarity will reduce stress.

If you want to know more information on how or where to start creating your happiness habits or want specific help in any of the above areas, contact me or Book a free 45-minute clarity session.