Event Stress and Anxiety

Midlife Stress and Anxiety, how to cope and support during a crisis! How do you manage Stress and Anxiety are you coping and supporting at the same time? Covid19 Stress is certainly taking an extra toll on the sandwich generation.

I chatted with Trish Beauchamp from New Zealand in the Facebook Group ‘Midlife strategies’. We talked about how Trish created a simple toolbox to overcome her own journey with stress and anxiety.

No one is meant to have dis-ease in their lives. Hence, Trish and I would like to share some of our natural and simple tips to survive and thrive.

Trish Beauchamp

This is her story “… My nursing friend pronounced, “I think she’s having a heart attack!” One minute I’m enjoying lunch with family and friends. Within an hour, travelling to the nearest hospital in an ambulance. Thankfully, my heart was ticking healthily, this was more than a physical condition I was experiencing. I had been functioning as a tightly wound ball of elastic that had just started to unravel…”

Stress Burnout

Trish has a succession of major life events. Her husband developed cancer, she moved home, her parents and a close friend died. Then, an empty nest, and leaving a teaching career of 35 years. Trish was ‘burnt out’ physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

“My story of recovery is a journey of reinstating the ‘W’ back into the holeness. I was feeling in my life, so I could experience worthiness, wonder, and wellbeing, again.

I discovered that thought processes impact our body, soul, and mind and I needed to address some ‘stinking thinking’. The ‘wake up’ call, of a suspected heart attack, was my body communicating to me. I needed to identify the ongoing stress and anxiety I was constantly experiencing.

The ‘what and why’ that was compromising my wellbeing led to curiosity. I became a student of personal and spiritual growth. I embarked on a new career path, training to be a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.

Unfortunately, my healing process was disrupted when my husband chose to end our marriage of 32 years. The sale of our family home meant more emotional upheaval. But the day I turned 60 I boarded a plane. Alone, I travelled to the other side of the world (literally) for a six-week adventure.”

Midlife Stress

Whilst navigating turbulent waters of change, you will be knocked off balance, at times. It can be a painful fall. Whenever Trish senses another imminent ‘crash of waves’, she connects to something secure in her life. And, when necessary, lift the other hand up to ask for assistance to help steer her into calmer waters…’

Kay Newton

I want to share with you a little bit of my story here. I grew up in a working-class background in Yorkshire, England. We had everything we needed and life seemed good.

My father constantly struggled with a bad back. Now I see that this was the stress of providing for his family. (Something that I ‘inherited’ and have been working on in recent years).

2008 Midlife Crisis

Fast forward to 2008, I am happily married with two kids standing in my beautiful farmhouse kitchen in Mallorca. The sun is on my back and my husband walked into the room. He told me he could not face going to his office. All he wanted to do was drive fast down the motorway, and smash the car into a bridge. Life was not worth living. (He took the kids to school on the way to the office!)

Covid 19

In 2019 when Covid19 hit my oldest son said similar words to me whilst in lockdown in the UK. Of all the events related to stress this was the one that hit me the most.

All these experiences, although traumatic at the time turned out well. This is not the case for everyone. The concept of this FB Live is to share with you, some natural tools. Simple, transferable methods that can benefit you too.

Right now, stress is our biggest issue, not Covid. If you would like any more information, contact me.