March is a wonderful month to turn to Spring cleaning and Decluttering. Having just finished a 5-day Spring cleaning the mind challenge in the Facebook group. Where we had fun dusting off the brain, getting rid of old and unwanted beliefs and replacing them with alternative and positive thoughts.

Did you know…

  • 95% of our thoughts are repetitive
  • We have between 12,000 – 60,000 thoughts per day
  • 80% of those thoughts are negative

It takes time to spring clean the mind, yet it does not have to be hard. Daily action, step-by-step will win the day. Unfortunately, 99% of the population fail at the task. Most likely because we cannot take out our mind and put it on the shelf where we can keep an eye on it! If any of the above has hit a nerve with you please reach out, and together we can tackle the spring cleaning together.

Pat Duckworth and Spring Cleaning

As well as spring cleaning and decluttering the mind it is well worth thinking about your household cleaning products. You may be in the habit of checking your food labels for e-numbers, yet do you understand the long chemical words on the back of a bottle of floor cleaner for example? If you can’t eat it, don’t use it!

Midlife is the perfect time to make changes. This is the perfect time to replace them with natural, organic and homemade. Pat Duckworth from Smarter Menopause interviewed me recently and I shared my top tips for cleaning efficiently and healthily. You can watch the YouTube interview here.

Cindy O’Connell and Decluttering

Mind, household cleaning leads onto the third section of this blog perfectly. Cindy O’Connell and I chatted about decluttering and spring cleaning makeup and toiletries.

I loved chatting with Cindy, she is a font of knowledge around natural beauty. When her sisters (plural) were diagnosed with cancer, she made it her life’s mission to learn all she could. For example, how often do you clean your make-up brushes? What is the best solution for dry itchy skin? Should you wear makeup powder after 50?

Cindy had some amazing tips to share. also has a challenge for you ladies, well worth taking a listen.