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“Kay’s work was timely, well written and voted best chapter in Dealing with Changes” John Spender

What the Readers Think

Cleaning Organically

“I particularly liked the way the book is in two parts: the method of cleaning first, and then the products. As an asthma sufferer I am definitely going to be giving all this a try!” S.M. Newman Whittington


“Five stars to a no bull, step-by- step guide to downsizing. This book is made for those seeking with where to start or how to finish this major life event.” C.A.M. in U.S.A

Midlife Stress Busting

“A brilliant easy read. Totally relate-able. Step by step manageable chunks helping me to sort myself out.” Jan G


“Fabulous book with acing tips. A great way to get started.” Sharon Scott

Boomerang Kids

“The Quick Fix for Parents Living with Boomerang Kids is a quick reference on how to handle the millennial boomerang phenomena.” Mrs Drenes

Empty Nest Syndrome

“An incredibly well thought out practical guide to help one navigate the possible pitfalls surrounding Empty Nest Syndrome. The authors impart non-judgmental sound advice in a very easy to read format to prepare both the parent and the ‘young independent person’ about to leave home.” Jane Neville-Rolfe


“There is nothing worse than dealing with the stress of difficult relationships and attempting to change the situation at the same time. Doing something different requires new thoughts. This little book gave me the courage to continue.” Cynthia S.