Purposeful Trekking

What Can You Expect?

Everyone on this beautiful planet has their own unique footprint. What serves one, will not serve another. What I have found on my own journey is that:

* Nothing is impossible when we connect to our self and let the rest flow.

* No matter what our age, there is always something new to discover, learn and then share.

* With 8 billion people on the planet, there are many fascinating people and perspectives to explore. Relationships with ourselves, and each other, create meaning so many are seeking.

Is now your time to tap into your inner compass, listen deeply to your heart, unlock simplicity within and, in turn, support others to do likewise?

Uncertainty and trekking into the unknown are opportunities to explore and make space for what is possible. Lets design ways that address your unique needs.

Lara Say’s

Testimonial - Midlife Simplicity

“I met Kay at a really difficult time in my life. Normally I am a strong and very independent woman, but at that moment I was a shadow of myself and I really needed some help from someone, someone good. And luckily at that moment one of my best friends told me about Kay, the exact words she used were: “Kay was the biggest help I had in a bad time” so I thought I might give her a chance (I asked for help a few times in my life). 

Taking Kay as my Strategist was vital, she helped me find my way, the courage and the confidence in myself in a gentle but firm way. She put me in front of my limits and helped me to see further, to imagine a better future. And to build a better future.

I couldn’t suggest a better person, so much so, that I also recommended it to my sister (my favourite person in the world).” Lara Dittfeld

Are You Ready to Choose Your Purposeful Trek?

Our customised, facilitated conversations and treks serve as a compass to navigate and unlock the path to 2027 and beyond.

As we enter a new regenerative phase focused on life, potential, long term sustainability and value creation, it is time to engage deeply in the process of bringing your dreams and ideas to life.

Each Trek stands on its own and tailored to your needs. You may choose to introduce all Treks to your organisation and communities—the choice is yours.

“When you need space to do some life navigating, let me guide you to the other side.” Kay Newton

What Trek Are You Taking?

Begin with the Self Trek, Create a Pod Trek, invite to the Trusted Community.



Everything begins with self. Nothing is right or wrong, you are not broken or need fixing. Taking stock and realising how far you have journeyed in life creates meaning and purpose for the next adventure. When you spend time to get to Know Thyself intimately, you have energy to share.


When you are confident in who you are it allows you to grow your compassion in others. Together we are more powerful in wisdom and action. Collaborating with others to create what we need in the world today becomes vital for the future of the planet.

Trusted Community 

Recommendations of trusted sources are key to the process. When we create a community of like-minded people anything is possible, everything flows in ease and momentum. There is nothing stopping us from creating the world we want to live in.