Mom Podcast with Susanne and Missy

Susanne and Missy are a breath of fresh air. Both are funny yet serious about their niche – being a Mom and all that entails. These ladies met through old-school blogging. They know that if they can share a toilet they can work together on a Podcast!

Missy is an aspiring novelist writer, as well as a Wife, mom to two boys. She is also a foster child advocate as well as a podcaster. Susanne is a humour writer and founder of “Informed Parents of Austin.” A group to advocate for LGBTQIA+ students, families and staff in her school district.

Sandwich Generation

In the Mom Podcast, we covered a little of my past history and how I came to live in Mallorca. We chatted about why I don’t call myself a coach. The Table of Life and why Coddiwomple is my word of the year. The conversation also covered my experience as a member of the sandwich generation. Dealing with hormonal hell at home whilst watching parents age. We chatted about the emotions of cleaning the family home after the death of both parents.

Susanne, Missy and I also shared our ‘Look, Listen and Learns of the week.’ Take a look in the summary for details of the recommended books, podcasts, Facebook groups, Netflix Series and products.
Susanne and Missy said “Kay is full of wisdom, and said several things that we’d like to embroider on a pillow. Or tattoo on our foreheads. We hope you’ll walk away with some wise words to tattoo on hearts.”

If you meet two ladies in the US with Coddiwomple tattooed on their foreheads – please let me know!
What did you take away from the conversation? Share in the comments below or subscribe to Mom…Podcast and write directly. Do you have a subject that Missy and Susanne need to hear about? Reach out and I would be happy to give you an introduction.


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