Menopause, Chemical Body Burden – Is your muffin top really caused by diet? We often think of the menopause midriff in relation to lack of exercise, sleep or a good diet. Yet what about your environment and the everyday toxic chemicals you may find under your kitchen sink or in your bathroom?

I am interested in simplicity and the way our grandmothers lived. Their simple recipes relied upon natural ingredients and a little bit of elbow grease. Not only are they easy to replicate and use, but they are also kind to the environment and also good to the body.

Are you looking for easy ways to make sure that the next ten to twenty years are the best yet? However, if you want to stay self-sufficient, with little or no pain and disability, until the day you die, then this topic may also interest you.


In April 2021, I had the opportunity to join eXXpedition for a virtual voyage around South Africa. eXXpedition is a transformative journey, designed to give the guest crew an in-depth understanding of the true impact of the plastics issue, forge and deepen relationships, develop solutions-based thinking and result in an action plan to apply crew superpowers to solve the problem.

I now have an ambassador role. I am using my superpower of writing to get the important message out about the need to create circular economies and eliminate single-use plastic.

It was also a time to delve deeper into body burden. Having written ‘How to Clean Organically’ in 2015, I already had a good idea about the chemicals in our home, cleaning and personal products. Yet new research led me to further information, for example, Obesogens and their role in the ever-increasing diabetes pandemic.

My conclusion, we have to act now. To stop using chemicals in our daily lives. If not, we are going to keep seriously harming ourselves and kill the planet in the process.

Pat Duckworth – Hot Women Rock NYC Radio Show

Recently my good friend Pat started her radio show. As her first guest, we chatted about Menopause, Chemical Body Burden – Is your muffin top really caused by diet?

It has already caused quite a stir. I love some of the feedback coming into the show already.

“I have just listened – I’m definitely on the bottom rung of the ladder but willing to take the first step! Thank you both Estelle”

“Oh my goodness Pat Duckworth it started me thinking in a TOTALLY different way about all sort of things how hubby and my choices may be affecting our health. I can see things we could cut out to do almost an elimination-style of toxic crap!!!!” C.J. Soodeen

You can also read Pat’s blog with written excerpts of the show.

Menopause and Chemical Body Burden

During the radio show, I promised to create a presentation and delve into the topic a little deeper. My technical skills are not the best, yet this is not the time for excuses or perfectionism. The message is far too important to leave sitting on my laptop desktop for only me to see. It is available to watch on YouTube.

Here you will find information about body burden, obesogens, endocrine disruptors and Pop’s. The symptoms you may have, where you will find them and what to do about them. And so much more! Every step we take towards eliminating toxic chemicals, however small, will make a difference to you and the planet.


Within the presentation, I mention How to Clean Organically and The Table of Life. Both available on this website. Just click on the links to go directly to the appropriate page.
If you have any questions or would like to chat more, you can contact me directly here.