Magnificent Midlife Podcast and How to Simplify Your Life

Recently I had the honour of chatting with Rachel Lankester at the Magnificent Midlife Podcast and simplicity. She told me that her husband thought it was a cracker chat. In fact, her best interview yet (probably something to do with his hoarding tendencies!)

Rachel is a force of nature. She is an ageism disruptor extraordinaire. She loves to challenge and support other women to make sure Midlife is Magnificent. Rachel went through early menopause aged 41. Although traumatic at the time, it gave her the tools to support others going through messy middle life.

If you are a regular reader of my website, you know my passion is to facilitate space. Space for others to ditch mental and physical baggage at midlife. Letting go not only serves the person concerned it aids those they love the most and our planet. With simplicity, we have the opportunity to find abundance in all that we do.

Magnificent Midlife Podcast

In the interview, you can hear me talk about How To Simplify Your Life…

  • My own simple life and how I got there. (From a luxury 5 bedroom Spanish Finca, to a two-roomed tin-roofed shack in Zanzibar).
  • What ‘stuff’ may be doing to your hormones and why listening to your body is key for midlife health.
  • How simplicity gives you space and time for what matters most.
  • My Table of Life Strategy
  • The importance of your inner circle of friends and how they support you
  • And so much more!

You can listen to the Magnificent Midlife Simplicity conversation using this link

Or if you prefer to read go to The Mutton Club.

Don’t forget to leave Rachel a comment! You can also find Rachel hanging out on most Social Media platforms including Clubhouse. Feeling shy and would like an introduction? Drop me a message and I will do the rest.


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