Linda Ledwidge conversation to Redress Stress. The philosophy is based on the importance of identifying, accessing and unleashing five inbuilt power tools. Everyone has these simple tools, yet many have still to use them to their full potential.

Linda trained as a General Nurse in Glasgow, and then as a Midwife. In 2004, she was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. For the next six years, spent her life in a painful, drugged haze. In 2007, her neurosurgeon said there was nothing more they could do. Which led Linda to start her search for a cure. Linda discovered how miraculous and wonderful the body is. 

Free Flo Living

It is Linda’s belief that we have to address the “whole” self, the energy body as well as the physical body, in order to heal.

“If your body is unable to process what you put into it – food, drink or thoughts – you are not living. All that matters is how we feel and in today’s world people disconnect from their feelings all too easily. Feelings enable flow” she says.

When you feel tension, you block flow. To release tension and enable flow, simply think of something that makes you feel good, says Linda. “Put a smile on your face and you can feel the immediate positive change. When you put a frown on your face you can feel the flow shutting down.”

Linda Ledwidge and Redress Stress

You can find more out about Linda at her website Free Flow Living. Or by clicking on the image of her newly released Redress Stress book. (In our conversation, Linda Ledwidge tells me the accompanying Redress Stress workbook will be available shortly). Grab a cuppa and listen to our recent conversation below.

Linda and I can often be found walking together in the mountains and on the beaches of Mallorca. We are often in deep conversation. Contact me if you would like a personal introduction