Kate Milne is the founder of Age Sister, and she recently interviewed me for her new podcast series.

In episode two I talked about the table of life. At midlife, it is important to make sure your personal table is as strong as possible.

There are other really great conversations available to listen to too. Jaime Lee Grace a BBC radio presenter talks about her Happy Healthy Sober Club. Jane Ordaz Stubbs chats about ex-pat life in Mexico as a proudly menopausal woman. There is more to come and it is well worth a few minutes of your time to bookmark the page.

Age Sister

Kate Milne Age Sister provides mid-life women with cutting-edge, evidence-based information and programs. In order that they can have their best “second act.” As a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Kate has devoted her entire career to helping people improve their health. In fact, she started working in healthy living almost thirty years ago!

For the past 17 years, Kate has worked exclusively with older adults. Age Sister is a culmination of research and teaching. It works to help women get stronger, feel more confident. When you don’t recognise your body any longer, it can be hard to stay in control of your health as you age. Kate Says “It’s time we redefined what it means to be a 50+ woman.”

Move, Lift and Balance Challenge

Kate is so passionate about health that she has created a free five-day challenge. It covers the importance of daily movement and how to schedule it into your day. Also, balance, building confidence and keeping momentum. These are important aspects of fitness and easily forgotten. Covid19 and lockdown have played havoc with social isolation and the drive to leave the home. Beginning exercise again can feel overwhelming.

If you would like a personal introduction to Kate just contact me.