Podcast Conversation with Jan Edwards

Jan Ewards and I recently had a Midlife conversation when she interviewed me for her podcast ‘Author’s in Mallorca’. Jan and I connected many years ago when we were regular attendees at a ladies networking event here in Mallorca. I love working with Jan, her professional background in broadcasting means the interviews are always easy-going, fluid and so quick!

Since 2004 Jan has lived in an old Finca in rural Mallorca. Nature’s soundtrack of birds, insects, sheep bells, and braying donkeys play as she writes. Such a different way of life for Jan, to living in the UK where she lived the high flying lifestyle. You can find out the weekly goings-on via her blog ‘Living in Rural Mallorca’.

Jan’s passions are cooking, eating out, wines and walking. She has various males in her life (most of whom have four legs). Jan also loves to check out Mallorcan hotels. She has another blog relating to food, drink and places to stay in Mallorca. If you are thinking of coming to Mallorca, to holiday or live, this blog is a fabulous place to start. It has hundreds of posts with great information and detail. You can also subscribe to get the content directly to your inbox.

Books in Mallorca

The island of Mallorca has a special magical quality which inspires people to write. Well known authors such as George Sand, Robert Graves, Peter Kerr, and Anna Nicholas have written here. I felt very honoured to be seen as part of the club. (Especially since I actually wrote my books whilst in Zanzibar!)

Our podcast conversation covers many points. How I got to Mallorca, what led me to become the Midlife Strategist and writing my coffee books. Jan told me I have 9 books out there – how amazing is that! I loved how Jan steered the conversation and got me to ‘own’ up to all sorts of past stories.

Writing a book

If you are thinking of writing you own book, there are lot of tips and tricks in this interview. As well as information about how I came to write about Downsizing, Cleaning Organically, and Midlife Stress Busting. Writing for me is the easy part, when you self-publish there is more than just writing. You have to be aware of editing, layout and more importantly the book cover which will attract people to buy.

We also chatted about the writing system of co-authoring books. The simple processes I used with co-author Pat Duckworth to do this. The Quick Fix series is available on Kindle Amazon. Jan reminded me to revisit actually making them into physical books.

There is a part of me that would like to write a novel rather than Midlife personal development books. Perhaps the time is right. Watch this space.

Midlife Mojo Retreats

Both Jan and I think that Colonia De San Pere is one of the most magical areas of the island. Jan asked me to reveal my other favourite places, yet I kept them to myself! (If you would like to know more about my favourite beaches, mountain walks or restaurants then contact me directly).

We also talked briefly about the people who benefit from taking a break away from their usual circumstances. Space to ditch mental and physical baggage and reconnect to themselves. You can find out more about the Midlife Mojo Retreats and VIP days, how they work by clicking here.


You can listen to Jan and me chatting using either of the links below. If you would like to leave a comment here or on Jans page please feel free to do so. We love hearing your feedback.

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After having hundreds of articles published in magazines and newspapers, Jan Edwards is now concentrating on writing her debut novel – set in Mallorca!