What Does being Sensibly Selfish Mean?

Being “Sensibly Selfish” means we redefine and embrace Selfishness – the ability to make everyone happy by getting what you want.

Author, filmmaker and spiritual teacher, Kenneth McLean, says it this way: “True Selfish-ness always leads to joy, because it is always motivated by the desire to feel as good as possible. It is only when we are Self-ish enough to be, do and act per our desires (not someone else’s) that it is possible to stay balanced.”

Energetically speaking, a desire is a rush of life force energy, a connection to the divine inner self, which can never result in harmful actions.

As you become more Sensibly Selfish, you automatically connect to your inner light. Think of Emmental cheese full of holes; as you fill ‘your cheese’ with light, it will shine out into the world from your ‘holy’ holes. Remember that when you light a candle, the flame does not dim; instead, you expand and create more light. Sensibly Selfish is to light other peoples candles after first lighting yours.

As you shine your light as brightly as you can, you will find yourself connecting to further creative projects that keep your internal light ignited. Trust your inner resources and stay firm to your convictions. Being strong does not mean that you have to attack others or be competitive, comparing or feeling superior. Sensibly Selfish means to be enterprising!

Shining strong also means to be compassionate to yourself, be gentle with emotions, detach from your belief system, as both can change in an instant. As you become confident within yourself, your inner authority glows, and you will not need to rely on anyone else. Confidence will also change the vibrational energy of any negativity you encounter in others.

Are you struggling to be Sensibly Selfish? Ask yourself; what resonates with me? What uplifts me? Liberates me? What old patterns need changing right now? What is my truth? Use your intuition, listen to your heart and become the leader in your own life. Ultimately, you must find what works for you. You are responsible for your happiness. When you choose to change your quality of life, the quality of your life will change. Listen to the voice deep inside of you, the one that knows what it needs. Then trust it and follow where it leads.

Connect to getting Sensibly Selfish, take back your heart, open yourself to new possibilities and keep continually learning how to be more you. Your happiness will determine the future of the world! Whether you use external methods of a sacred ritual, journaling, taking time out or turning to a mentor or coach, it is essential to listen to what resonates inside of you. Be Sensibly Selfish!

What is Midlife Simplicity?

Are you drowning in uncertainty of what the future holds?

Is your identity shipwrecked?

Are you crippled with confusion?

When you are surrounded by the right information and support, navigating from crisis to clarity and confidence becomes midlife simplicity itself.

Midlife Simplicity is often hard to find. Midlife is a time of grief, overwhelm and worry which impacts your well being. The loss of past roles or relationships also creates uncertainty. Being out of kilter, makes transition beyond ‘The Big Squeeze’ to embrace the new, impossible alone. Whether you are navigating a looming empty nest or deciding what to do when your parents die and all the issues in between, don’t let them take you by surprise!

Having a safe haven and permission to explore all possibilities to alter your future life course. It does not have to be complicated, time consuming nor painful. Together let’s expand your horizon using step-by-step support. We will create a powerful personalised plan using the ‘midlife table’ tool kit created from over 20 years of experience, that guarantees to guide you to ‘Address-Account-Adjust’ and get your Midlife Mojo back on track in just 5 days. Not only will this benefit your own future happiness it will ripple out to those you love the most.

Why now?

We are moving through incredible times and there are decisions and choices to be made. And it’s very personal. There is a growing awareness that no one is coming to save any of us—that’s an old, dying story and a belief. Yet, no-one has your answers because no-one truly knows you, or your questions – other than you. Is this the perfect time to give yourself permission to make the space for what you need? It can simply start today by living a healthy life of meaning and well-being.

The major shifts of transformation happening on the planet right now means it is a time for choice. You can question your awareness and shift perspectives to a new of being, or simply stay in the drama that is playing on the world stage.

You get to choose which path you trek at all times. Fully owning your power can be overwhelming and yet, when you trek with others the courage needed is shared.

Who do I work with?

I collaborate with conscious individuals, organisations and leaders, who know we can build a healthier and sustainable future for ourselves and our loved ones. People who are curious about what’s possible and are willing to take a leap into the unknown. 

Collaboration means walking side by side, creating space to let go of old practises that no longer serve. To develop an ability to create lives well led. 

Everything can be customised based on your needs. I have a trusted community that we can bring with us on our journey together, depending on those needs.

If you are open to trust and allow communication to flow both ways and looking for someone to guide a deep dive into creating your own strategy for the next critical five years, let’s chat.

How do we get started?

I love to use a timeless technology called dialogue. You reach out to me in whatever method works for you and we jump on a call to understand your needs and questions. Simples.

Depending on your needs, I may ask one of my partners or trusted sources to join us for another conversation. We are committed to listening deeply, to make sure we understand what you need. And when there’s a healthy fit, we get started. Always with a focus on Supporting, Shifting, Sparking.