Visualisation, Affirmation Bracelets – Change your life simply

I am a great fan of using  Visualisation, Affirmation Bracelets. They can change your life – simply.

In fact, I make sure all my clients now have one. However, the key is, once activated, to use them every day.

Ask any successful person they will no doubt tell you the same thing.  Visualisations, affirmations and gratitude are the keys to their success. They are habits of all successful individuals.

Below is a short description to visualisation, affirmation. Also, why having a bracelet is vitally important to stay on track.


This is the art of creating mental images for future happenings. In the NOW. Your brain is unable to understand the difference between reality and fiction. By visualising how you want your life to be as if it has already happened – you can create it.

Strengthening your imagination daily will allow you to ‘Dream your world alive.’ Aboriginal saying.


These are statements or propositions are said to be true. Again, it is a way of tricking the brain into thinking that it is already the reality.

The language you use for your affirmation will create your programming and beliefs. This, in turn, creates your consciousness. habits, actions and behaviours. Which in turn lead to success, fulfilment and happiness.

Simple System for Change


The success of any new habit is having a system. Which, allows you to simply incorporate it into your daily lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people fail.  They do not have this vital step in place.

Without a system, you are bound to fail.

The bracelet becomes your system. Each bead allows you to chant the affirmation or visualisation. Numerous repetition allows you to sink the message subconsciously.  Without great effort.

Visualization, Affirmation Bracelets – Change your life simply

If you would like to:

  • Claim your bracelet
  • Learn how to activate it
  • Create the perfect affirmation
  • Perfect your visualisation techniques

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The 0-Thing Retreat September 2018

Kay Newton hosted this event for the  Silver Tent.

The Silver Tent brings women over 50 together from around the world, to develop our innate wisdom, re-ignite the passions we may have hidden away and help each other to dust them off and make them shine again.

It was an opportunity to spend a few days together in beautiful surroundings to have deeper conversations, make lasting connections, and create magic.

There was no written agenda, just the space to enjoy Yorkshire and each other. The concept was to leave space for the magic to happen, get to know the other attendees and just have fun. Think: Sensibly Selfish, You’re worth it, Connect to nature, Getting away from routine to recharge your batteries and any other way you would like to describe it.


Sue  – ‘I loved the Spontaneous nature of things. The weekend was an opportunity to meet with authentic women who gave much joy and laughter.’

Francesca – ‘I loved the relaxed no-agenda time with such a gorgeous group of women. The weekend was perfect. An effortless flow of conversation and meals in beautiful surroundings. This had everything we could want for a ‘country home’ weekend with no pressure to be anything other than we are. A perfect weekend of wild, wonderful and wise women being real.’ 

Beverley – ‘0-Thing organised by Kay Newton on behalf of The Silver Tent was a rich and lively weekend in the company of juicy, inspiring and talented women, which offered food for the body, mind and spirit. A co-creation of organic loveliness. Highly recommended.’ 

Vanessa – ‘Thanks Kay for constantly exceeding expectations and for the opportunity to experience this new level of Silver Sisterhood. Thank you.’ 

Tamara – ‘The outstanding element for me was/is the trust that Kay had in the ability of our participation to engage with each other with the gentlest of tweaks by Kay on the ‘prayer wheel’ of our gathering; this led to each of us feeling relaxed and finding our natural rhythm and affinities with the place, the group and ourselves. So organically evolved and sweetly facilitated – facilitation made easy. Thank you for your ever tender care.’ 

Kulwant -‘I am honoured to have been in the company of such beautiful souls. I enjoyed it all and chilled. I look forward to sharing more online and offline with all. Thank you dear angel for organising.’ 

Pat – ‘I wasn’t sure what to expect from the 0-Thing Retreat and I was delighted when it turned out to be such an enriching experience. I had time and space to meet and talk to some amazing women. The venue is in a beautiful location. Let’s do it again – soon!’

Judith -‘Sometimes we need a little time out for ideas to emerge and connect. This weekend was like pressing a pause button in life and sharing time with wonderful women.’ 

Tracey – ‘0-Thing is so full of good company, ideas, inspiration, and laughter. Creating spaces where we can all be ourselves, together, sharing, seeing what happens…laughter and ease results! Kay created this space with such love and care. Thank you so much Kay!’

Ellen – ‘Kay did an amazing job organising a great fun weekend. I so enjoyed myself’. 

Suzi -‘If you are drawn to the idea but are hesitating, just ‘go for it’. So glad I found the courage. Allows so much more to unfold than meeting online exclusively.’