Beyond The Bottom Line

Anna Letitia Cook

Anna Letitia Cook and I met through our mutual friend Pat Duckworth and we immediately resonated with each other. She is all about living your life in a holistic manner, particularly when it comes to Career and Wellness.

Anna has lived in many countries and had a variety of international careers from working in the entertainment industry to construction, real estate investment, property development, renovations, interior design, import-export and energy.

Beyond the Bottom Line

Now at midlife, she has combined all her experience to offer consultancy and mentoring for international development and wellness including business English and language fluency for corporate and business professionals abroad.

Anna’s work focuses on her clients reaching ‘enough’ in order that there is space for good health and enjoyment of life, something I am also passionate about. I was very honoured to be invited to Anna’s podcast Beyond the Bottom Line.

Anna's Questions

  • How do we know if we need to change something?
  • When we have several options what can we do to make a choice that is suited to us?
  • What we can do to increase our confidence regarding making choices?
  • Once our choice is made, later on, what can we do to objectively analyse our progress?
  • How do we know if our choices are right?

The Beyond the Bottom Line conversation was lively and fun despite the wifi connection dropping at the beginning. (A perfect opportunity to ‘As’Is’ the situation and carry on as if nothing has happened! Part of the conversation included information I gleaned years ago from Linda Ledwidge. We chatted about feeling light or heavy and how feelings affect the way we make choices. Linda’s work has had a significant impact on my personal life and is well worth checking out.

Take a listen to Anna and I chatting and leave a comment below. What did you take away from the conversation?


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