Ayelet Baron

My father always used to say “I dare You!’ which was really an open invitation to just do it. From showering him with the hosepipe to jumping out of a plane or writing a book, his words have never left my side.

Ayelet Baron

Imagine that you type into Google the phrase ‘inspirational women’, find a list of Forbes 50 Female Futurists and then you dare to reach out and connect. This is what I did in 2020 and the whole experience has been truly life-changing.

On the day of my 60th birthday, Ayelet Baron wrote about her side of the story which you can read on her Radical Trekking website. I was very humbled and honoured to read those words. So much has happened since we met.

Synchronicities abound when you are in the flow. Following some deep and meaningful conversations with Ayelet, we realised that we have a shared purpose in life (albeit we come from different angles) – to create what we need now and in the coming years of rapid change.

Within a short space of time, we were creating amazing possibilities with other like-minded Trekkers. Every day more Coddiwomplers appear. Those with purpose, and passion, searching and creating what is possible yet trusting the currents. We do not know our destination, we just know there is a step-by-step process to get somewhere.

Purposeful Trekking

As the world changes dramatically, we are being called to Trek into the unknown with purpose and meaning. With that in mind, we will be shortly launching our new venture – Purposeful Trekking. A triad of options will be available…

  • The Self Trek – A place to adventure within and recalibrate your humanness
  • The Pod Trek – Create what you want to see in the world with other Trekkers
  • The Community Trek – Forwards into the future with a community of trusted sources

Right now we are at the Beta stages and more news will follow shortly. As you read this, if anything resonated, please reach out. Let’s have a personal conversation and see if you are a Purposeful Trekking fit either to self-actualize, meet other like-minded people, become a recommended source or any combination.

Opportunities abound when you reach out. I dare you.


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