Andrea Theisz – Launch Your New Career You Love Summit started in January 2021. Andrea is passionate about helping driven professional woman stuck in a rut. Particularly if they feel unhappy in their current career or unappreciated at work. In today’s world, there is no need to be stuck in a dead-end job. Now is the time to feel fulfilled, know that your work matters and contribute to others.

“I only teach strategies and mindset shifts that I have personally used. I moved from being a lawyer to a business analyst (and a yoga teacher in between) to running my own business. Unhappy, burnout, stress, no social life, in my late 30’s nearly finished me. Using this simple approach has completely changed my life.” Says Andrea.

As a LinkedIn expert, Andrea sees so many people wasting time on the platform. “They send a ton of applications but get nowhere,” she says. Instead, Andrea has a simple process for aligning career with purpose. The ‘Superhero Career Group Program.’ The program creates clarity and boosts confidence. It has an exact step by step plan towards creating a fulfilling career. Designed to take overwhelm and confusion out of the career change process. The program gives support, accountability and guidance. Which in turn, allows participants to become magnetic and attract new opportunities instead of chasing them.

Andrea Theisz – Launch Your New Career You Love Summit

Below is the YouTube recording of the summit conversation I had with Andrea.

Andrea Theisz – Launch Your New Career You Love Summit interview – Kay Newton sharing her ideas what are those 3 important things when switching a career or simply desiring more balance in your career life.

Join Andrea in her bi-weekly free webinar How To Finally Start Doing What You Love. If you would like a personal introduction to Andrea, contact me here and I will happily connect you.