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Recently, Fiona Muzee invited me to her new adventure, her Abwooli Dairies podcast.

Fiona Muzee and I met many years ago in Malaysia, she is no stranger to adventure. Together we crashed around the jungle and climbed trees. We dragged water containers along the beach, got hot/wet and learned a lot about each other. I have watched Fiona’s personal grow from the sidelines and I am proud to see how she has taken on her new Abwooli Daries challenge.

Fiona is part Ugandan and Irish, yet lives in the UK. Abwooli is the Empaako name from the Western Ugandan, Batooro Tribe. Her father’s side of the family . An Empaako name is used for greeting, declarations of love, affection and respect. A perfect name for her podcast too!

Midlife and Menopause

Abwooli Diaries podcast deliver wellness resources and inspiration. Diaries (the second part of the title) have played an important part in Fiona’s life the past ten years. Writing led her to an understanding of her chronic gut issues. Looking back at the pages, she has been able to see her personal growth too.

As we all search for answers at some point in our life, Fiona’s knowledge needed a place to reside. Abwooli Diaries will become a trusted resource full of tips and tricks. The contents are not just of Fiona’s answers to her own personal journey. She has invited other experts to fill in knowledge gaps.

If you have ever experience health issues that cannot be explained. Or have a desire to heal your body naturally. Perhaps you want to learn about a complimentary medicine or alternative modalities. Then this show is for you.

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Fiona and I chat about crossroads, menopause, empty nests and boomerang kids. We look at decluttering the mind, verbal vomiting and making space for change. Also, converse on relationships and the importance of a conversation and laughter at midlife. We chat about the body burden and avoiding chemicals at this time of life.

She says “I hope that the content I share at Abwooli Diaries Podcast will resonate with someone who may be looking for their personal answers”.

If you would like a personal introduction to Fiona message me here and I will gladly make an introduction.


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  1. Fiona

    Hi Kay,

    Thank you for this! I had a great time talking to you. Best wishes, Fiona

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