Who is Kay Newton
My Why: Self awareness starts within. Yet, together, we thrive and realise our most aspirational dreams. Simples.
Hi, I’m Kay Newton

Grounded, Crone, present, confident, relaxed, family, fun, free from trappings of others, connection, nature

I have been called a force of nature because I have no qualms calling it like it is. I come to life in the mountains and by the ocean. My life is intentional, where I dream of leaving the planet in a better state than when I arrived.

I offer transformational space focused on creating a step-by-step personalised plan for those facing issues at midlife. Designed to make sure that life has its true value – holistic, humane, and in balance with the world. Whet we create together guarantees to guide you through natural possibilities to simplify life in order to reach a higher potential and sustainable success.

There is no space for pretence when we live a life filled with possibilities.

My Story

My own life has been filled with adventure and treks into the unknown. I jumped on a private yacht in my 20s— sailed from Hull Marina in the United Kingdom and delivered the boat to Mallorca, Spain— and never swam back!

I have learned firsthand that struggle is an interesting word, one I tend not to use. We may not be able to change our circumstances; yet, we can choose how we think about it. Life is much better when we ditch the struggle for flow. When we choose flow, struggle disappears of its own accord.

And this brings me to my passion of flowing as a guide; having worked with hundreds of clients to holistically design, organise and simplify their mindset, home and work habits.

My books, articles and podcasts have helped many people make foundational shifts and as an award-winning international speaker and voracious author, I am on a mission to make sure that rocking chairs and regrets are not synonymous, and openly share the simplicity of abundance no matter what age you are.


In 2015, aged 55, I left my luxury Mediterranean lifestyle, downsizing to a two-roomed, tin-roofed house near the beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Out of the blue, my husband got a job, to build a five-star hotel there. I knew nothing about this part of the world. Google told me it was a spice island renowned for its clove trade, slavery in bygone years, and Freddy Mercury had started life there.

We all know of horror stories of how life changes in an instant. This adventure wasn’t horrific, it was exciting, yet it brought home that the only constant in the universe is change. We have the choice to adapt or die.

It was time to sell our home and declutter our lives. We both packed 20 kg of luggage; basic clothing, essential toiletries, favourite foods, and a medical kit. My wardrobe now consisted of items chosen to match in colour and to confuse the mosquitoes.

Above all, we were about to experience a simple new life near the sea. Simplicity connects to time and creates space. I had an expanse to write, think, and contemplate. Simplicity became my new key to unlock the meaning of life. I never want to throw away that key.

Letting go of our home led to Tanzania, and I also had the opportunity to go to; India, the Czech Republic, Kenya, South Africa and Panama. I found time to walk 729 km on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, a life changing adventure that brought alignment and wholeness into my life.

The experiences over the past ten years have helped me grow from the inside out. However, they have created confidence for me to deal with life changes. None of it was in my life plan. Yet, when an opportunity comes knocking at your door, it is foolish not to answer.


Today I live a simple, sustainable and happy life in Mallorca. In my free time you can find me beach combing for plastic in order to create art, writing magazine articles sat at a local cafe, or having deep conversations about removing toxic chemicals from our environment.

I have no idea what’s next but I am ready for anything. And most importantly, I am excited to share my knowledge and resources with a community.

“Dealing with Midlife issues such as; empty nests, boomerang kids, ageing parents, lack of finances, redundancy, divorce and death of loved ones, can lead to stress and burnout. This ‘Big Squeeze’ of overwhelm, worry and wondering if there is more to life – it can seriously impact your well being. When you are out of alignment, making changes can seem like an impossible struggle alone.”

Kay Says

“My clients gather a personal strength that gives them a whole outlook. I love it when I see them walk away with a whole new attitude. It is like they become the person they want to be and that person is always stronger and more beautiful, more emotionally balanced and healthy.

“My job is to capture the sense of what they want, create a safe space and then firmly guide them to make utilise their hidden courage and commitment to get what they desire.

“I’ve personally lived through major changes and with these learnings, I developed a powerful personal system from a varied toolkit. Midlife Strategies that allow my clients to shine in ways that they never have before.

Janice Says

“No-one has ever listened to me the way Kay has over these past 8-weeks. What we achieved together in the first hour was the equivalent to 20 years of therapy. Her hand-holding system is simplicity itself, step-by-step, breath-by-breath, totally uncomplicated.

Kay gives you permission to expand your own space, explore what you already know, in a natural down-to-earth focused manner.

I cannot thank her enough for not changing my life and indirectly those I love the most. Both my business and house are now sold and my new life awaits. I feel at least 10 years younger.” J. Johnstone

Through down-to-earth support, you can take small daily steps which over time lead to dramatic change. Why not connect with Kay today.