Midlife Stress Buster

Hi! I’m Kay Newton, The Midlife Strategist, overcoming midlife stresses the natural holistic way. I believe that at midlife we all have the right to live the next stage of life to our full potential.

Life is worth living to the full, despite the knocks and bumps encountered along the way. Every day I wake and take a look at my internal monitor. If I see peaks and troughs, I know that I haven’t flat-lined, and I’m still alive. My purpose is to continue living each day positively and simplistically to the best of my ability.

I want to pass this positive relaxing energy on to you. If you’re overwhelmed by midlife challenges, I aim to help you harness my insights, to overcome your issues, and to re-establish your self-worth.

Each life challenge is like a T-shirt. We all have varying styles and colours, some fit perfectly, others don’t. There are some T-shirts we would prefer to borrow and give back, others we would rather not wear at all. Our personal collection of T-shirts defines who we are. If we can learn from others, we can avoid the stress and discomfort of wearing a T-shirt that doesn’t suit!

If you’re struggling with Midlife Issues I’ll be happy to help you – contact me for a no-obligation chat HERE now.

My T-Shirts

I grew up in a working-class Yorkshire family. Although money was tight, we never missed out on anything. It was a fabulous place to learn about the ‘less is more’ principle. Life was down-to-earth, happy and fun. We spent holidays camping in the UK, come rain or shine. Later, we progressed to a small sailing boat, which sparked my love of the sea. Only when I headed out on the ocean to a new life in Mallorca, Spain at the age of 23 did I realise that I must have an adventurous streak.

My Favourite T-Shirts

For 35 years I lived on the Mediterranean island, enjoying an idyllic lifestyle. I started my own caretaking company for the rich and famous, met my husband, gave birth to two boys, and renovated a four-acre organic farm, which we shared with summer holiday guests. I also trained as a personal development coach, became an author and blogger, an award-winning international public speaker, a retreat leader, and steadily honed my expertise as The Midlife Strategist, the natural holistic way.

The Other T-Shirts

  • Living below the poverty line
  • Being bullied in the workplace
  • Dealing with my husband’s bouts of depression
  • Setting up my own businesses from scratch
  • Renovating a home
  • Bringing up two kids while juggling the above
  • Learning how to bust stress at midlife

The Midlife Overwhelm T-shirt was the biggest so far:

  • Watching my ageing parents struggle to cope with life
  • My father’s ill-health, and nursing him in his final cancerous weeks
  • My mother’s severe stroke, which left her paralysed for four years before her early demise
  • Dealing with grief, while hormonal friction between adolescence, andropause and menopause coursed through the home
  • Dealing with Empty Nest Syndrome
  • Clearing the family home, and down-sizing

The trickiest part has always been finding time to be Sensibly Selfish: making sure that I’m wearing the oxygen mask referred to in-flight emergency protocol, so I can make sure that I’m fit, so I can help others.

If you’re struggling with any (or all) of these issues I’ll be happy to help you – contact me for a no-obligation Midlife Strategy chat HERE now.

The Recent Past 

In 2015, I decluttered, downsized, and rather than having an empty nest moved to another continent. Hubby and I lived in a two-roomed, tinned-roof house in Zanzibar, Tanzania next to a pristine white beach.


Hubby and I live a simple life. Our two bedroom apartment is situated in a sleepy Mallorcan fishing village just two minutes from the sea.

There is plenty of time for: chocolate, Tai Chi, painting and beachcombing.

This new-found space has led to a deeper understanding and progress of my work as a Personal Development Coach.

My Promise to You…

As The Midlife Strategist, I use my own authentic experiences and Yorkshire straight-talking to offer help using natural, holistic techniques. I aim to give you positive inspiration, compassion, guidance and emotional support for healing without blame, judgement or criticism. I am with you every step of the way. My approach helps you to shift your mindset, to simplify your distress. These are the ways I can help:

  1. FREE information here on the website, just take a look around.
  2. One-on-one private conversations to deal with your specific issues at home or in the workplace.
  3. Access to the private Facebook group.
  4. Workshops and Retreats as they are announced.
  5. Speaking at your event.
  6. Can’t find what you want? Send me a message using the contact page and we can chat. Tell me where you are now, today, and where you want to be, and we’ll make a plan to get you there. Together we can make steps towards change. I am happy to be your guide.

A few words about my work as a public speaker:

Kay Newton is an award-winning* public speaker with expertise on midlife, specialising in the midlife mindset. She has spoken to audiences around the world ranging in size from 30 to 4,000. Kay is well known for her Yorkshire straight talking, sense of humour, and her ability to make the complex seem simple.

Kay is gracious, kind and professional before, during and after each of her speaking engagements. She is not the type of speaker to rush in and out without taking time to connect with the attendees. Kay will arrive early and stay for the duration of the event, to ensure that everyone at the conference has as much access to her as possible.

Audience members will receive “aha” moments as well as taking away practical steps to change their lives. Kay delivers consistent value to her listeners and is committed to making sure everyone leaves with new knowledge, and that they feel better about themselves.

Kay is truly passionate about making a difference in the world, one midlife at a time, through sharing her breadth and depth of experience.

*Iconic Women Empowering the Extraordinary in Every Woman, Delhi 2016


60-90 Minute Keynote

60-120 Breakout Session

Half-Day Training

Full-day Immersion Day Workshop

3-5 day Retreats

Sample Titles

7 Steps to Improve Your Midlife Memory

How to Ditch the Midlife Baggage

Five Keys to Better Sex at Midlife

How to Survive Midlife

Proven Ways to Make Your Midlife Dreams Come True

Praise for Kay as Public Speaker

“Thank you for your talk yesterday at International Women’s Day Mallorca. You made me think differently yet again.” Kathy Freeman

“You are truly an inspiration and your passion is contagious.” Paul Hubbard

“Great to have you as a guide on this midlife journey. I will be back to get my batteries recharged.” Nicky Chang

“I wish I’d had Kay’s insight ten years ago, I’m sure my life would have been completely different.” Les McKen

Kay spoke at the ALL (All Ladies League) Women’s Economic Forum 2016 (WEM) in New Delhi, India May 2016.

The ALL Ladies League is the largest congregation of women worldwide. Over 2,000 delegates attended.

Please contact Kay to arrange a speaking engagement by completing the form on the CONTACT page.