The Midlife Mojo Challenge

Digging a Tunnel with a Spoon 
The True Story of Kimberly Montgomery 

Does Midlife feel like you are digging a ver large tunnel with just a teaspoon?


The Midlife Mojo Challenge

Kim aged 53, was a washed-up empty nester, a sad, depressed ex-soccer mom with no clue about what to do next and most importantly her Midlife Mojo was gone. 

She felt as if her bloom had not only blossomed it had fallen off its stem creating a dull and squishy mess. 

Her kids had left home, and all her ‘stuff’ was gone. Homes, cars, money, businesses, garden, cat. 

Getting her midlife mojo back alone, without help, was like digging a very long tunnel with a spoon.

Don’t be a Kim. 

If your midlife mojo is missing.

Come and join the 5 Day Midlife Mojo Challenge and get it back!

What is Midlife Mojo?

Wikipedia Midlife states that Midlife is from 45 and until 65 years of age. The modern usage of Mojo is having the confidence to cope with whatever Midlife throws at you. Can you relate? Midlife is the time of the sandwich. There are many different types…

  • Stuck between aged parents and kids who are ready to fly the nest.
  • Boomerang Kids and living your own life
  • Wanting to stop work and your pension pot
  • Divorce and living alone
  • Your own ill health or that of a loved one
  • Relationships and loneliness
  • Knowledge and being irrelevant

The Midlife Mojo Challenge

If any of the points above hit a nerve, come and join us for the FREE 5-Day Midlife Mojo Challenge. With just 30 minutes a day, you will find out how to…

  • Follow Simple Techniques to Feel Energized Every Day
  • Find the Best Way to Create Connections and Overcome Loneliness
  • Audit your Midlife Skills Set and Save the World (If you want)
  • Uncover the 3 Biggest Money Blocks and how they affect Your Life and Business
  • Recalibrate your Confidence and Make Good your Midlife Mindset

Come and join the 5 Day Midlife Mojo Challenge

Meet our guest experts

Midlife Mojo Challenge


Meet the experts

Kay Newton is an author, award-winning international speaker, troubleshooter and founder of Midlife Strategies where she facilitates group and individual transformation. For the past 30 years, Kay has been honing her own simple personal freedom toolkit. Kay has worked with hundreds of clients using her ‘Magnificent Midlife Mojo’ system to make sure they move from Crisis to Confidence and Clarity.

Carol Lee

Carol has a passion for nourishment. Nourishment of the body with delicious, nutritious food. Nourishment of the mind by giving ourselves time and peace to be mindful and present in how we live. Finally, nourishment of the soul in order to fill up with the energy we need.

Deborah Claire Procter

Deborah is a multimedia artist, marketing mentor, and founder of Clear Insight Productions. She makes performance productions that present the opportunity to find wider perspectives. She helps clients find their true productivity by getting clarity, insight and personality into their mission. Her project “Make Monday Mine” is a mastermind for professionals wanting to align with their creative intuition and look for a VIP element to their careers through greater Visibility, Intuition, and Presence. She splits her time between the UK and Argentina.

Jennie Eriksen

As the Midlife Reinvention Coach, Jennie is passionate about helping midlifers create and design a business they love and live a life they deserve. Jennie’s expertise is to brainstorm ideas with clients to gain clarity and create strong foundations with a focus on knowledge and a positive growth mindset to establish a stable, sustainable business. Jennie’s role to support you in helping you shape and grow your business. As a certified coach and a midlifer herself, Jennie has a wealth of experience, and stand by her mantra “Remember…. you’re not done yet; you’re just getting started!”

Tasha Chen

Tasha is the founder of The Science Of Getting Rich Academy and helps women manifest their greatest desires using a time-tested program and her own proven principles. She has cracked the code to create your riches, manifest your way to happiness, health, wealth, and everything else you desire.

Come and join the 5 Day Midlife Mojo Challenge


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