Below you will find a list of my Stress Busting Tips. You can do some of them almost immediately, others may need a little planning. The rules are simple, read through the list and whatever resonates with you – just do it! It doesn’t have to take too long to have great effects.
Stress is a personal thing; we all feel it in different ways. That’s why someone may stress out about a broken fingernail and others can cope with flying a fighter jet without raising their heartbeat.
Stress is the way the body responds to mental or physical demand. Stressors can be internal and/or external. Not all stress is bad, though in today’s world it’s good to know some techniques to reduce the stress we believe we feel.
I would even argue that stress doesn’t exist! All you have to do to deal with stress is change your mindset. Get those dopamine hormones going by focusing on the good in life. Simple, easy day-by-day steps are the best. You may not be able to change the circumstances you find yourself in, but you can sure change the way you deal with what life throws at you.

Stress Busting Tips

Below are a series of ideas I have created to take the ‘stress’ out of deciding what actions to take. We are all individuals, and you will probably have tried some of them already; others will be new to you. It’s all about giving something a go. Preferably something you don’t do very often. The newer the activity, the more benefit you will have. If you can take others along on the ride with you, all the better!
Take, for example, lighting a candle. You may think about doing it and then life gets in the way. The actual act of stopping and just watching a candle flame can be calming in itself. Be sure to make the effort and then take notice of the changes it causes.
Some of the items on the list are highlighted in blue. If you click on these, it will link you to a post on this website where you can learn more about that particular topic. Be sure to come back here often as more and more of the list will become blue and link to further information.

100 Stress Busting Tips

  1. Go for a long walk
  2. Have a good cry
  3. Pull funny faces
  4. Scream loudly
  5. Laugh
  6. Sigh deeply
  7. Hug a tree
  8. Do the progressive relax exercise
  9. Put your feet in the air (against a wall helps!)
  10. Exercise: Run, Swim, Dance or whatever gets your heart rate up
  11. Brush your hair at least a 100 times
  12. Do a silly walk or two, or three!
  13. Pull your shoulders back and walk tall
  14. Go beach combing
  15. Learn Tai Chi/Chi Kung
  16. Yoga. Any yoga move will do!
  17. Meditate the easy way
  18. Do nothing. I mean nothing!
  19. Breathe deeply
  20. Sunbathe
  21. Have a Mini-Me-Moment
  22. Stretch like a cat
  23. Sing loudly (yes we know you can’t sing, in which case just sing louder!)
  24. Get some sleep
  25. Take a nap
  1. Bop to your favourite music (Make a Deezer playlist)
  2. Turn on some Mozart
  3. Listen to someone properly
  4. Watch a funny video
  5. Read a book
  6. Write down 3 things you are grateful for
  7. Write the stress down
  8. Check the Midlife 10 Commandments
  9. Give someone a gift
  10. Smile at a complete stranger
  11. Chant ho’oponopono
  12. Apologise to someone
  13. Do something nice for someone else
  14. Focus on the planet
  15. Forgive someone
  16. Ring your best friend
  17. Tell someone you love them
  18. Ask for a hug
  19. Learn something new
  20. Think outside the box
  21. Make This Your Best Day Ever
  22. Make something with your hands
  23. Step out of your comfort zones
  24. Take up knitting
  25. Get a massage
Baboon Time
  1. Have some baboon time
  2. Get acupuncture
  3. Kiss someone (not just a peck on the cheek!)
  4. Have sex
  5. Have an orgasm – or fake it!
  6. Close your email box
  7. Turn off social media
  8. Smudge your home
  9. Light a candle
  10. Smell your favourite flower or pine or vanilla
  11. Use essential oils
  12. Put a piece of lavender behind your ear
  13. Polish your shoes
  14. Clean the windows
  15. Go away for a mini break
  16. Take a warm bath
  17. Tidy a drawer
  18. Clean your home
  19. Declutter
  20. Cuddle your dog
  21. Take your pet to work
  22. Ditch negativity and worry
  23. Swear – but not these words
  24. Look at old photos
  25. Peel an orange and eat it slowly
Dark Chocolate
  1. Eat dark chocolate
  2. Eat an avocado
  3. Make a bowl of oatmeal
  4. Drink green tea
  5. Drink black tea
  6. Sip a Hot chocolate
  7. Paint something
  8. Draw and/or Colour
  9. Don’t be perfect
  10. Tear up newspaper into tiny pieces
  11. Hit a punch bag
  12. Count to 100, slowly
  13. Tame your inner critic
  14. Say No/Yes
  15. Express what you feel
  16. Pause for 5 minutes and listen to your mind
  17. Do a life Reboot
  18. Remove toxic chemicals
  19. Buy a plant (and keep watering it!)
  20. Watch the clouds
  21. Give up alcohol
  22. Be Sensibly Selfish
  23. Go on a Retreat
  24. Love yourself – Mirror exercise
  25. Talk to Kay

I hope you found this post useful. Which Stress Busting Tip worked for you? What was your favourite activity? Do you have any favourite ways to Stress Bust that have not been included here? Why not use the comment box below and help others with their Stress Busting. Be sure to share the post with your friends and leave me a comment and let me know how you get on! If you need help I am here for you. Contact me HERE.