Midlife Simplicity

Are you drowning in uncertainty of what the future holds?
Is your identity shipwrecked?
Are you crippled with confusion?

Midlife Simplicity is often hard to find. Midlife is a time of grief, overwhelm and worry which impacts your well being. The loss of past roles or relationships also creates uncertainty. Being out of kilter, makes transition beyond ‘The Big Squeeze’ to embrace the new, impossible alone. Whether you are navigating a looming empty nest or deciding what to do when your parents die and all the issues in between, don’t let them take you by surprise!

Having a safe haven and permission to explore all possibilities to alter your future life course. It does not have to be complicated, time consuming nor painful. Together let’s expand your horizon using step-by-step support. We will create a powerful personalised plan using the ‘midlife table’ tool kit created from over 20 years of experience, that guarantees to guide you to ‘Address-Account-Adjust’ and get your Midlife Mojo back on track in just 5 days. Not only will this benefit your own future happiness it will ripple out to those you love the most.

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“I believe that when you are surrounded by the right information and support, navigating from crisis to clarity and confidence becomes midlife simplicity itself.” Kay

Download your Free Gift – The Table of Life or contact Kay direct to book a FREE 30-minute Strategy Session. Make today, your time to shine.


“I have had a lovely break working on lots of issues I have and I must express gratitude to Kay Newton for her coaching and hospitality. There has been so many leaps forward with many issues and old patterns. I am going home tomorrow with a toolbox to dip into when any wobbles show up. This whole experience represents a big milestone in my life.” Yvonne Evans

Testimonial - Midlife Simplicity

“I met Kay at a really difficult time in my life. Normally I am a strong and very independent woman, but at that moment I was a shadow of myself and I really needed some help from someone, someone good. And luckily at that moment one of my best friends told me about Kay, the exact words she used were: “Kay was the biggest help I had in a bad time” so I thought I might give her a chance (I asked for help a few times in my life). Taking Kay as a coach was vital, she helped me find my way, the courage and the confidence in myself in a gentle but firm way. She put me in front of my limits and helped me to see further, to imagine a better future. And to build a better future.

I couldn’t suggest a better coach, so much so that I also recommended it to my sister (my favourite person in the world).” Lara Dittfeld

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My youngest was 24 yesterday. He lives in the UK, so no chance of celebrating together again this year and that's okay.Before you feel sorry for me, let me say.I am proud of the confident, caring, happy man he has become. He has been independent since the age of 16 and does not 'need me' any more, I love that about him.Our role as a parent is to...💕 Teach our kids to be true to themselves always. To be unique as there is no one in the world like them.💕 Say to them ‘laugh often’ and ‘do not take life seriously', 'don’t worry about the things you cannot control’, ‘enjoy life to the full, as there is only now’.💕 Tell them to live their dreams to the full. To figure out what makes them happy and to pursue it with passion. Life is their choice and should not be anyone else's.💕 Ask them to not be afraid to take risks, that the mistakes are where the real learning takes place. Living within comfort zones only makes for a life of regret. Each life level will be exciting and lead to more risk-taking and as with anything you practice, the process will become easier.💕 Remember that the only person they will spend the rest of their life with is themselves. Be your own best friend.💕 To make sure they ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’Yet…What happened to the Mums and Dad's? I see this in my clients often. They fail on all of the levels above.♡ Be true to themselves♡ Laugh often♡ Live their own dreams♡ Move their comfort zones continuously♡ Be their own best friendLook in the mirror...If you felt this deep within your heart, now is the time to make a change. Don't wake up and wonder how your child got to be that age and wonder where your years have gone! You will never get them back.Carpe Diem.Message me, I have a simple solution for you. ... See MoreSee Less
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