Midlife Simplicity

Self Trekker┃Author & Adventurer┃Simplicity Strategist

Supporting Space for Self-Care 
Shifting from Stress to Simplicity and Sustainable Success 
Sparking Connection, Community and Collaboration

My dream is to simplify life: by supporting permission to go slow or pause, and practising the art of connecting to self.

Space is our final frontier—now is the time to trek into the potential of the unknown and co-create healthier ways of being.

Why Now?

Life is constantly changing and can knock you sideways when you’re not ready! The next five years are foundational in rewiring ourselves for what is coming — a profoundly inspiring age of humanity.

As a simplifier, I focus on the three core opportunities to unlock our true potential:

1. Space: Connection to nature and grounding her lessons

2. Shifts: To know thyself and simplify your needs and practises

3. Sparks: Create future possibilities with like minded people

With a track record in creating breakthrough impact, together, we design ways that address your unique needs. There are no secret formulas or best practises, only transforming your greatest challenges into opportunities.

Are you ready to trek into possibilities? Let’s find out!