Are you drowning in uncertainty of what the future holds?
Is your identity shipwrecked?
Are you crippled with confusion?

Midlife is a time of grief, overwhelm and worry which impacts your well being. The loss of past roles or relationships also creates uncertainty. Being out of kilter, makes transition beyond ‘The Big Squeeze’ to embrace the new, impossible alone. Whether you are navigating a looming empty nest or deciding what to do when your parents die and all the issues in between, don’t let them take you by surprise!

Having a safe haven and permission to explore all possibilities to alter your future life course. It does not have to be complicated, time consuming nor painful. Together let’s expand your horizon using step-by-step support. We will create a powerful personalised plan using the ‘midlife table’ tool kit created from over 18 years of experience, that guarantees to guide you to ‘Address-Account-Adjust’ and get your Midlife Mojo back on track in just 5 days. Not only will this benefit your own future happiness it will ripple out to those you love the most.

Simplicity, Support, Shift, Spark, Self

“I believe that when you are surrounded by the right information and support, navigating from crisis to clarity and confidence becomes simplicity itself.” Kay

“I have had a lovely break working on lots of issues I have and I must express gratitude to Kay Newton for her coaching and hospitality. I feel I have made so many leaps forward with many issues and old patterns. I am going home tomorrow with a toolbox to dip into when any wobbles show up. This whole experience represents a big milestone in my life.” Yvonne Evans


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24 hours ago

Kay Newton

Do you take your car for an MOT? (An annual vehicle safety test)
What about yourself? Do you have regular check-ups/check-ins to make sure you are physically healthy?
Most people will answer yes to the above, yet what about an MOT for your mind?
Probably the most important MOT of all, yet the one most overlooked. Why? Because you cannot see it, touch it or remove it!
NOVEMBER is the perfect month to do a bit of mind spring-cleaning, to give yourself an MOT. Time to treat yourself and be Sensibly Selfish. Put yourself first. Get in shape for 2021.
The easiest way to MOT your mind is to ask for help. Someone to create space in order that you can see the wood for the trees. I know just the person to guide you through the process.
If this is for you, type YES below and I will pm you or you can contact me directly and I can tell you the next steps.
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2 weeks ago

Kay Newton

Life's crossroads are not two dimensional.
They are not even three.

Yet, when clients first come to me they usually think in only one. It goes something like this...

- I am at a crossroads and I am scared to move
- The path seems dark, overwhelming and confusing
- If I take this road, it will be the wrong one
- I don't have the energy for another uphill struggle
- I want to turn back

Take L for example. When we first started working together, L felt like she was backed into a corner with nowhere to go. She could not even see the crossroads ahead clearly. It was emotionally draining and frightening.

Together we began to untangle the holistic layers, on all dimensions (mental, physical and spiritual, past, present, future). Gradually, with a few nudges, L realised that if she just turned her view out of the corner, life would be totally different.

L's path is not any easier, it still requires determination and passion, yet over the past 3 months, her physical body is now stronger, her beliefs align with her values and she is excited to take the next steps along the path.

Whether your path is up, down, left or right is not relevant. The only constant in the universe is change. Sometimes all you need is a guide to show you where to find the next step.

Reach out on messenger if you want to chat.
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