Midlife Simplicity

Are you drowning in uncertainty of what the future holds?
Is your identity shipwrecked?
Are you crippled with confusion?

Midlife Simplicity is often hard to find. Midlife is a time of grief, overwhelm and worry which impacts your well being. The loss of past roles or relationships also creates uncertainty. Being out of kilter, makes transition beyond ‘The Big Squeeze’ to embrace the new, impossible alone. Whether you are navigating a looming empty nest or deciding what to do when your parents die and all the issues in between, don’t let them take you by surprise!

Having a safe haven and permission to explore all possibilities to alter your future life course. It does not have to be complicated, time consuming nor painful. Together let’s expand your horizon using step-by-step support. We will create a powerful personalised plan using the ‘midlife table’ tool kit created from over 20 years of experience, that guarantees to guide you to ‘Address-Account-Adjust’ and get your Midlife Mojo back on track in just 5 days. Not only will this benefit your own future happiness it will ripple out to those you love the most.

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“I believe that when you are surrounded by the right information and support, navigating from crisis to clarity and confidence becomes midlife simplicity itself.” Kay

Download your Free Gift – The Table of Life or contact Kay direct to book a FREE 30-minute Strategy Session. Make today, your time to shine.


“I have had a lovely break working on lots of issues I have and I must express gratitude to Kay Newton for her coaching and hospitality. There has been so many leaps forward with many issues and old patterns. I am going home tomorrow with a toolbox to dip into when any wobbles show up. This whole experience represents a big milestone in my life.” Yvonne Evans

Testimonial - Midlife Simplicity

“I met Kay at a really difficult time in my life. Normally I am a strong and very independent woman, but at that moment I was a shadow of myself and I really needed some help from someone, someone good. And luckily at that moment one of my best friends told me about Kay, the exact words she used were: “Kay was the biggest help I had in a bad time” so I thought I might give her a chance (I asked for help a few times in my life). Taking Kay as a coach was vital, she helped me find my way, the courage and the confidence in myself in a gentle but firm way. She put me in front of my limits and helped me to see further, to imagine a better future. And to build a better future.

I couldn’t suggest a better coach, so much so that I also recommended it to my sister (my favourite person in the world).” Lara Dittfeld

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3 weeks ago

Kay Newton
CHRONIC MIDLIFE INFLAMMATIONMany years ago a General Practitioner told me that when you reach midlife one of the ways you know you are still alive are the aches and pains that greet you every morning as you get out of bed.I believed her.For the past 20 years or more I have greeted every day in that very way.Some days the aches disappeared after a good stretch and a short walk.Most days, the pain never stopped. My lower back would seize without warning, or my shoulders would knot and I literally ground to a halt.I feared bending down in case I couldn’t get up again. I dreaded shopping and lifting the bags in and out of the car. I hated cleaning (and I love a clean home) as I knew the next day would be agony.My life just stopped, it was a catch 22. I needed to exercise, yet couldn't move to even begin.The pain killers prescribed and the cortisone injections worked for a while. Until I became totally allergic.I tried everything.Weekly massages and visits to alternative practitioners would ease my back in the short term. Eating healthy, de-stressing and exercising helped somewhat too.Yet the chronic inflammation remained.Life was hell and I was hell to be with. (Ask my family or friends who have watched me suffer and have been on the end of my anger, tears, and frustration).Then in April this year, I really hit the tipping point. Enough was enough. Time to move the pain from the Vent to the To-Do list.I promised myself that by the time I was 60 (Feb 2022) I would have found the answer.And as they say, synchronicity plays an important part in the universe. No sooner had I decided this, I found myself reading a Japanese research paper. (In English of course!) Could this be the answer?I love simplicity, and this was so logical and so simple. It was also totally free in both time and cost.There was only one thing to do - give it a go.Fast forward to Aug (nearly Sept) 2021.Am I pain-free? Not totally, yet instead of 9 out of 10 on the pain scale, on a good day, I would say I am a 3/4 and know there is so much more potential to come.So what did I do?If you want to find out, join me in the FREE 10-day challenge, starting 1st September.P.S. Google ‘chronic inflammation’. It comes in many different disguises. You may not have aches and pain, yet this info may also be relevant to you too.P.P.S The photo is from yesterday, (I am near to the right). Three hours of beach cleaning. Not sure how many times I bent down, yet I filled three sacks with cigarette butts, bottles and other Basura. Today, I ache - around a 5!P.P.P.S Join the FB group Midlife Strategies to find out more. www.facebook.com/groups/MidlifeStrategies/ ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

Kay Newton
Last month …😮 A friend breezed past me and stopped dead in her tracks - ‘Wow you look awesome! I want whatever you are having!’ she said😮 A client I have not seen for months remarked on our Zoom call, ‘Kay you look fab, have you have lost weight?’😮 My trousers remarked, ‘looks like we will be redundant this time next year. I do hope you find a new home for us.’I love it when people notice - when I notice.Yet before you ask.🚫 No, I haven’t been ‘dieting’🚫 No, I haven’t joined a gym or started walking 15,000 paces a day🚫 No, I am not taking any costly magic pills or potionsIn fact, there is very little I have changed in my life. Just ONE simple action and it is making all the difference. I am going to be sharing this ‘simple success secret’ in The Midlife Strategy Facebook group in a FREE 10-day challenge, starting 1st September. Come and join in. www.facebook.com/groups/MidlifeStrategies/This is me, doing what I love most, walking in nature, just before sundown. Celebrating being 10 kgs lighter and virtually pain-free. ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

Kay Newton
Simplicity in itself. You do not need fixing, all you need is a sacred space and a guide to walk with you. #midlifestrategies #space #simplicity #support #shift #spark #self ... See MoreSee Less
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